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What if BBC Sherlock’s John Watson wasn’t an "Army Doctor" but a doctor who then joined the army as an Infantry Officer? 

What would he have seen in Afghanistan? What would his life in the Army, both in the UK and on deployment, have been like? 

Since I started researching the British Army’s involvement in the Afghanistan conflict these questions have been ricocheting around my mind. 

This blog is the result of me deciding to try and answer them. A more detailed explanation of the insanity can be found here or via the links on the left. 

Please note that this is very much a work in progress and there isn't much actual content on here right now. That said, my intention is to have most of the posts listed in the Blog Contents page up by the end of the year.

A Small Disclaimer

Please note that I am not part of, or affiliated with, any arm of the UK Armed Forces. These are my opinions and thoughts based on what I've read/seen in the various books, DVDs and websites listed in the bibliography on this blog.

It is entirely possible I've misconstrued, misunderstood or just got some things completely and utterly wrong. If you see any errors or omissions, glaring or otherwise, please let me know! In fact all comments, thoughts and discussions are actively encouraged.


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John Watson (shh, let's pretend)

November 2013