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In which I get all technical about John’s weapon of choice, and then take a look at several questions raised by John’s possession of a hand gun - including how he might have ended up with it in the first place.

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·         A Lack of Color - A look at a John right at the start of A Study in Pink, as he dreams of the front line ~ Approx 3,300 words ~ Character study ~ John as an Infantry Officer ~ Canon relationship status.


·         A Memory Kindled - Sherlock asks John about his scar and John relives being shot ~ First Person Perspective ~ Approx 800 words ~ Sherlock and John as a couple.


·         The Send Off - John tells Sherlock about the comrades he lost in Afghanistan ~ Approx 4,000 words ~ Mentions of Suicidal Thoughts ~ Three years after Reichenbach ~ John as a Royal Marine Commando ~ Sherlock and John as a couple.

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These are sources relating to the UK Armed Forces (the British Army in particular) and the British involvement in the current Afghanistan conflict.



NB: All links go to Amazon UK - the books can be bought anywhere but this was the easiest way I could come up with for providing the book summaries where possible. I am intending to review all these books but at the moment I've only managed to write up one. The links to the subsequent reviews will be posted as and when they happen.


Memoirs/Accounts of deployment in Afghanistan by Army Personnel and Journalists:



Enduring Freedom: An Afghan Anthology – Poetry collated by Ryan Gearing



Insights into the UK Armed Forces


Insights into the Afghanistan Conflict


DVD’s/Film clips



Some Websites to get you started


A Small Disclaimer

Please note that I am not part of, or affiliated with, any arm of the UK Armed Forces. These are my opinions and thoughts based on what I've read/seen in the various books, DVDs and websites listed in the bibliography on this blog.

It is entirely possible I've misconstrued, misunderstood or just got some things completely and utterly wrong. If you see any errors or omissions, glaring or otherwise, please let me know! In fact all comments, thoughts and discussions are actively encouraged.


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