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In which I get all technical about John’s weapon of choice, and then take a look at several questions raised by John’s possession of a hand gun - including how he might have ended up with it in the first place.

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This is my, [ profile] kizzia 's, second journal, in which I will be posting all my planned metas on John Watson's military career as I see it, plus info on the British Army, the Afghanistan conflict etc.

This will be a direct replica of the blog I have set up called "Fighting John Watson's War" over at blogspot, because I know a lot of people prefer LJ/DW and won't comment over there :)

And yes, this is a placeholder at the moment, while I work out how to organise it on here.

A Small Disclaimer

Please note that I am not part of, or affiliated with, any arm of the UK Armed Forces. These are my opinions and thoughts based on what I've read/seen in the various books, DVDs and websites listed in the bibliography on this blog.

It is entirely possible I've misconstrued, misunderstood or just got some things completely and utterly wrong. If you see any errors or omissions, glaring or otherwise, please let me know! In fact all comments, thoughts and discussions are actively encouraged.


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John Watson (shh, let's pretend)

November 2013