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Please note that this site is a work in progress and most of the below are not posted yet and simply listed to give you an idea of what I’m planning.


That said, I'm hoping to have all the posts listed below up by the end of the year.

Playing the Game


Posts on each of the mentions of John's past in BBC Sherlock canon


S1E1 - A Study In Pink


·         The Dream Sequence

·         The Mug

·         The Gun

·         Ella and the blog

·         Mike Stamford's comments

·         Sherlock's Deductions at Bart’s

·         In the flat

·         Sherlock & John in the taxi

·         Mycroft & John

·         "Use your imagination." "I don't have to."

·         The Shot

·         “Dinner?”


S1E2 - The Blind Banker


·         John's interview and CV


S1E3 - The Great Game


·         The Pool


S2E1 - A Scandal In Belgravia


·         "I had bad days"


S2E2 - The Hounds of Baskerville


·         Pulling rank at Baskerville

·         Shooting the Hound


S2E3 - The Reichenbach Fall


·         John at the grave


-      Deducing John, Or “Army Doctor, Sherlock? I don’t think those words mean to John what you think they mean.” – My interpretation of John's personal history and career based on the above.


-      A timeline of John's life.


-      Becoming Captain Watson, Or "What would John's life as an Infantry Officer have been like?"



Information on the British Army today


-           Joining the British Army and the Ranking System.

-           How the British Army is organised.

-           Army Training - the where and the how.

-           The Kit

-           Deployment

-           Rules of Engagement



Afghanistan and the Conflict


-           Background on the country itself.

-           The Taliban.

-           Previous Wars in Afghanistan.

-           Operation Herrick and the British Area of Operations

-           Life in Camp Bastion

-           Life in the FOBs



British Military History


-           A Brief History of the Royal Regiment of Fusiliers

A Small Disclaimer

Please note that I am not part of, or affiliated with, any arm of the UK Armed Forces. These are my opinions and thoughts based on what I've read/seen in the various books, DVDs and websites listed in the bibliography on this blog.

It is entirely possible I've misconstrued, misunderstood or just got some things completely and utterly wrong. If you see any errors or omissions, glaring or otherwise, please let me know! In fact all comments, thoughts and discussions are actively encouraged.


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